The Justice Tarot card is a card of fairness, balance, and truth. It represents the principles of justice, integrity, and making ethical choices. Let’s explore the details of this card!


The Justice Tarot card usually shows a figure seated on a throne, holding a sword and scales. The figure is often depicted wearing a judge’s robe, symbolizing authority and impartiality. The scales represent the need for balance and weighing decisions carefully. The sword symbolizes truth, clarity, and making just choices. The card emanates a sense of fairness and objectivity.


Justice is one of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck. It represents the concept of justice, moral values, and ethical decision-making. The card embodies the idea that actions have consequences and that fairness should prevail. Justice signifies the importance of upholding truth and integrity.


  1. Fairness and Balance: The Justice card represents fairness and balance. It signifies the need to make decisions with objectivity and impartiality. Strive for fairness in your actions and consider all perspectives before making judgments.
  2. Truth and Honesty: The Justice card symbolizes truth and honesty. It advises you to be truthful in your dealings and seek the truth in all matters. Embrace transparency and integrity in your actions and relationships.
  3. Legal Matters and Contracts: The Justice card can indicate legal matters, contracts, or agreements. It advises you to ensure fairness and legality in your contracts or seek legal counsel when needed. Uphold your responsibilities and honor your commitments.
  4. Decision-Making and Consequences: The Justice card signifies the importance of making ethical decisions and considering the consequences of your actions. It reminds you that actions have repercussions, and you should choose wisely.
  5. Accountability and Responsibility: The Justice card represents accountability and responsibility. It advises you to take ownership of your actions and accept the consequences that come with them. Hold yourself and others accountable for their choices.
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