Life Purpose Spread

The Life Purpose Spread is a Tarot card layout designed to help you gain insights and clarity about your life purpose, passions, and the path you are meant to follow. It can provide guidance and support in discovering your true calling and fulfilling your potential.

Here’s how the Life Purpose Spread works:

  1. The first card represents your natural talents and gifts. It sheds light on the inherent abilities and strengths that you possess.
  2. The second card represents your passions and interests. It reveals the activities or subjects that ignite your enthusiasm and bring you joy.
  3. The third card represents your potential obstacles or challenges. It offers insights into the hurdles or limitations that may hinder your progress towards fulfilling your life purpose.
  4. The fourth card represents your current life path or direction. It reflects the choices, experiences, and circumstances that have led you to where you are in your life journey.
  5. The fifth card represents your ultimate life purpose. It provides glimpses into your higher calling and the path you are meant to follow to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.
  6. The sixth card represents guidance or advice for aligning with your life purpose. It offers insights, suggestions, or actions you can take to embrace your purpose and live a more meaningful life.

Once all the cards are laid out, the reader interprets the pictures, symbols, and meanings of each card. They consider the connections and relationships between the cards to gain a deeper understanding of your life purpose and the steps you can take to align with it.

It’s important to remember that Tarot readings are not definitive or absolute answers. They provide guidance and possibilities to support you in discovering and pursuing your life purpose.

The Life Purpose Spread can be a valuable tool to explore your talents, passions, challenges, current life path, and receive guidance to align your life choices and actions with your true calling.

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