Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread is a popular way to read Tarot cards. It’s a special layout that helps us understand different aspects of a situation or answer questions. It’s like a map that guides us through the Tarot cards.

Here’s how the Celtic Cross Spread works:

  1. First, a card is chosen to represent the person asking the question. This card is placed in the center of the table. It shows the person’s current state of mind or the situation they want guidance on.
  2. The next card is placed horizontally across the first card. This card represents the immediate challenge or obstacle the person is facing.
  3. Then, a card is placed vertically above the first card. This card shows what’s on the person’s mind or what’s influencing the situation.
  4. The fourth card is placed horizontally below the first card. This card represents the past or the foundation of the situation.
  5. The fifth card is placed horizontally above the second card. It represents what the person hopes to achieve or the best outcome for the situation.
  6. The sixth card is placed to the right of the center card. It represents the immediate future or what might happen next.
  7. The seventh card is placed to the left of the center card. This card represents the person’s attitude or feelings towards the situation.
  8. The eighth card is placed below the center card. It shows the external influences or the people who might be involved in the situation.
  9. The ninth card is placed above the seventh card. It represents the person’s hopes and fears about the situation.
  10. The final card is placed to the right of the ninth card. This card symbolizes the potential outcome or the overall conclusion of the situation.

Once all the cards are laid out, the reader looks at the pictures, symbols, and meanings of each card to interpret the reading. They consider how the cards interact with each other to get a clearer understanding.

Remember, Tarot readings are not set in stone and don’t predict the future. They simply provide guidance and insights to help us make decisions or gain a different perspective on a situation.

So, the Celtic Cross Spread is like a puzzle that helps us uncover the messages of the Tarot cards and explore different aspects of a question or situation.

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